Volvo Truck, TL31 - 1950


Volvo has always been a main supplier to the Swedish Armed Forces when it comes to vehicles in different segments, from staff cars, station wagons and high mobility cross-country vehicles to medium- and heavy-duty trucks, in standard execution or in all-wheel-drive execution with very good mobility also in terrain.

Cross-country all wheel-drive
The TL31 is a typical example of a series-produced cross-country all-wheel-drive Volvo truck with extremely high reliability and very long service life.

In the early 1950´s, the Swedish Armed Forces needed a new generation of heavy-duty all-wheel drive vehicles for e.g. towing of guns. In response to this, Volvo developed the TL31. This truck has a unique design and appearance but was, in fact, closely related to the L39 Titan when it came to the technical specification.

Still in use - after 40 years
The TL31 was (and is) an all-wheel-drive truck with a 9,6 litre diesel engine, which is normally naturally aspirated with an output of 150 bhp, but sometimes (e.g. when it came to the fire-fighting version of this basic truck) a turbocharged engine version of 185 bhp was utilized.

The TL31 became widely accepted by both military officers and the military truck drivers. The popularity of this truck, in fact, has been so great that these trucks are still in use in the Swedish Armed Forces today, more than 40 years after the start of the production...!

Continuous modifications
The TL31 trucks have been, however, modified for a wider range of use than originally intended and some components have been modified or exchanged, not due to inferior function but due to lack of spares, having made a change to more readily available spare parts necessary.

The TL31 will be entering the 21st century in good shape, preparing for its 50-years-anniversary in active service.