The new Volvo FE

Your flexible working partner

The new Volvo FE more than lives up to its reputation as a multi-purpose vehicle for city and regional distribution, with driver comfort and safety at its core. Manoeuvrability and generous visibility as well as Volvo Trucks’ renowned power and performance – all come as standard with the new Volvo FE.
The Volvo FE I-Shift 

I-Shift. Finally it’s here.

The experience of driving with the new I-Shift is often described as effortless. Without the clutch pedal, you can safely sit back and concentrate on the other two. I-Shift uses its built-in intelligence to quickly and automatically choose the right gear for you at all times. And the software provides shifting skills that are impossible for even the best of drivers to match.

Still, if you want to get more involved, you can.
The buttons on the shift selector allows you to step in
and shift gear manually.

The new Volvo FE – a more flexible solution

The most flexible solution out there.

The new Volvo FE is remarkably flexible. No matter your need of application, the chassis can be adapted to fit your demands. For city or regional distribution, refuse collecting or fitted with a hook lift – the new Volvo FE is up to the challenge. And with Volvo’s aftermarket support services you’ll always be able to benefit from the best commercial alternatives possible, no matter the size of your operation.

The Volvo FE D8K engine 

The D8K engine – all you’ll
ever need.

The Volvo D8K engine is a top performer in any situation. Where tight manoeuvring is required – in heavy urban traffic for example – a lightning-fast response can be relied upon every time.

Fast acceleration, effortless low-speed handling, first class pulling power – and Euro 6. The D8K engine complies with the new European regulations without compromising with engine performance.

Safety and design

Safety and design – all in one.

The new Volvo FE’s front, with the distinctive LED v-lights, the black front grille and the tell-tale iron mark, signals quality and makes the truck an unmistakeable part of the Volvo Trucks family. The reinforced cab and increased security measures for the driver – such as the reinforced seats and seat anchoring, and the front and rear underrun protection system – are representative of the Volvo safety commitment.

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