Volvo Passive Safety

Passive Safety

Volvo means safety, and has since 1927. Our trucks are engineered with safety features that protect the driver behind the wheel and around the cab. Over the past 85 years Volvo engineers have pioneered a long list of safety innovations.  Volvo Trucks was the first manufacturer to pass the government impact test (1959); first to make safety belts standard (1974); first collapsible steering wheel (1979); invented three point safety belts (1986); first standard anti-lock brakes (1992); first with standard daytime running lights (1995); first standard driver side airbags (1997); and first to make the I-Shift automatic transmission standard (2013).

All Volvo trucks are designed to pass the Offset Barrier Test, and we’re the only manufacturer to meet the standards of the Volvo Swedish Impact Test. Learn below how Volvo Trucks has engineered safety inside and outside the cab.

Steel Safety Cab

High strength steel cab.

Every Volvo cab and sleeper is constructed with High Strength Steel (HSS). This gives your cab the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry.  In the event of an accident, the engine and transmission are designed to drop down and away from the driver as the steering column automatically collapses. And it helps make us the only manufacturer that meets or exceeds the standards of the Swedish Impact Test.


The seatbelt’s best friend.

Safety has always been Volvo’s guiding star. In fact, we invented the 3-point seat belt that is now standard on every car and truck in North America. We are also the only ones to offer a driver’s side airbag as standard on every Volvo model. Together, they reduce the chance of being injured in a crash. Nothing is more important.


Improved Visibility.

Volvo's large (2,092-square-inch), one-piece windshield offers improved driver visibility. Sloping side windows help you stay aware of close-range hazards. Six strategically placed defroster nozzles provide increased airflow over the windshield for faster clearing. Overlapping interior sun visors reduce glare. Grooves molded into each side of the windshield deflect molding water from the side windows to improve visibility.

Grab Handles

Easy and safe entry. 

A generous, 37-inch-wide door opens a full 60 degrees allowing for easy access into the cab. Internal grab handles on each side of the door allow comfortable three-point entry and exit. Grab handles are mounted low inside the cab for a clean, dry and easy-to-reach grip removed from the elements.


Improved visibility down the road

Volvo's powerful projection headlights increase nighttime visibility 20% on low beam and provide better right-shoulder visibility. Volvo pioneered daytime running lights to help other drivers see you regardless of the hour or weather. Optional auxiliary lights in the bumper provide even greater visibility on the road while maintaining aerodynamics and fuel economy.


Enter sure footed

Entry steps are self-cleaning for safe access. Wide, anti-slip aluminum steps are offset so that each step is visible from the cab compartment. Self-cleaning, anti-slip steps and deck plate provide safer access to the back of the cab. Conveniently placed steps and grab handles allow safe, easy back-of-cab access.

Rear View Mirror

Mirrors that tell the whole story

A split mirror design gives you better forward visibility and economy, while the three-arm vibration-free mountings provide greater stability. Volvo's breakaway mirror arms lower the risk of impact damage. A down-view mirror above the passenger window expands your field of view on the side of the truck..