Quality. Durability. Reliability. Performance. Genuine Volvo Parts are designed and
manufactured to deliver the highest Volvo standards.

As the parts are specified by Volvo, they interact perfectly with all other parts of the truck.
This means maximised uptime. And guaranteed peace of mind.

Hard working Volvo Fmx trucks and parts

Our parts work harder

Genuine Volvo Parts are quality assured and fulfil Volvo’s specifications and stringent requirements. They undergo rigorous testing in laboratories. They are then tested by driving in the most diverse environments in our extensive field test programme. From arctic ice to desert heat.

And they always fit perfectly with the other components, meaning the highest level of maintainability. This is something only we can promise.

Thanks to the built-in sensors, wear on some parts can be remotely monitored, thus preventing the risk of an unplanned stop. But most importantly, the workshop is prepared when the truck arrives. So the truck will be back on the road in no time.

A Genuine parts catalog


Volvo Trucks network of workshops covers 140 markets around the world. This means our customers are never far from help. Using our advanced logistics system, we can always find the right parts and deliver them quickly and efficiently.

Blue Genuine Volvo part boxes


Volvo Trucks provides a twelve-month warranty on Genuine parts with unlimited mileage (does not apply to filters, friction materials and wear parts). If a part should fail during the first twelve months, we will repair or replace it. If it was purchased and installed by a Volvo workshop, the warranty also covers the work. The same applies to consequential damage that occurs on other truck components.

A Genuine part remanufactured


Volvo Exchange Parts are used Genuine parts from Volvo, remanufactured to mint condition and available at an extremely competitive price. 

We ensure that the quality of performance is just as high on replacement parts as on our new parts. And they are covered by exactly the same Warranty. Volvo’s range of replacement parts is one of the largest on the global market. This is very positive for our customers and the environment.