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The Electromobility

Why electromobility?

The future of electric trucks

Volvo Trucks wants a better everyday life for all people living, working and visiting our towns and cities. The cities are growing and with them the challenges. Thankfully there are changes on the horizon and they are getting closer every day.

Electromobility is playing a key role in our move towards sustainable transportation. Electric trucks are now becoming a reality and a viable commercial solution for cities and businesses.

Read more about different aspects of electromobility and how Volvo Trucks wants to contribute to attractive cities in the future.

Quieter cities and cleaner air

Quieter cities
Noise means strain on both people and the environment. Electric trucks make it possible to significantly lower noise levels and noise-related pollution. 

Cleaner city air
Electromobility is an important part of Volvo Trucks’ ambition to move towards our vision of zero emissions and we are working with cities around the world that are actively seeking to improve air quality.

Better traffic flow
Quieter trucks can make it possible to perform a wide range of assignments during off-peak hours such as early mornings, late evenings or even at night. This reduces the burden on the roads during peak traffic hours.

Better working days
Electric trucks make life easier for drivers. A quieter drive along with zero exhaust emissions are the basis for a significantly improved working environment both in and outside the vehicle. And since an electric truck provides full power and torque from standstill as well as significantly lower driveline induced vibrations, it’s also a pleasant driving experience.

First of all, they don’t emit any exhaust gases. It means you can actually improve the air quality if you choose an electric truck instead of trucks with combustion engines. Secondly, they’re quieter. Noise pollution is a growing problem in urban areas and electric trucks contribute to quieter cities. Finally, an electric truck is easy to drive in typical urban transports with many starts and stops.

We tailor each electric truck for its specific transport assignment and routes. The battery capacity is optimised so that you charge the truck when you don’t need it – and have access to a charged truck when you need it. The Volvo FL Electric offers a range of up to 300 km in distribution transport.

Yes, they can. Since they don’t emit any exhaust gases, they’re possible to operate at indoor terminals and city areas with zero emissions regulations. And since they’re quieter, they can also operate at off-peak hours when the noise levels are restricted.

Really easy. Behind the wheel, you have access to high torque and seamless power directly from the start. Ideal for transports with lots of starts and stops. Low noise and vibrations levels means you have a good working environment.

Yes, there are. Our electric trucks are intended for urban use where the transport cycles are predictable – like deliveries, waste collection and light construction transports.

Electric Trucks Collection

Electric Trucks Collection

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Want to know more about going electric?

Want to know more about going electric?

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