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Finance and Insurance

Having the right finance partner for your truck matters. One that understands your business and is with you in both the good and challenging times.

Here are five reasons why Volvo Financial Services is the ideal partner for your truck purchase.


Fast and easy to work with

Volvo Financial Services has been the financial services provider for the Volvo Group for over 20 years. We are easy to do business with, you know us from your local dealer and when you need help, we operate fast.

One size doesn't fit all

Just like every one of us is unique, your business is too. At Volvo Financial Services, we get that. Want us to adapt your payments to suit your cash flow? No problem. Want to make a bigger down payment so your monthly bills are smaller? You got it. By getting to know you and understand your business and where it’s headed, we can offer you the best tailored solution. One that meets your needs today, and is flexible enough to carry you confidently into the future.

Your everything-you-need partner

Whether you want one truck or a whole fleet, new or used, Volvo Financial Services can make it happen. And not just in terms of the vehicle – we can also provide all the parts and service agreements to keep them working for you and your customers, as well as provide the insurance to protect you. All these benefits are available through your local Volvo Trucks dealer.

With you every step of the way

Wouldn’t it be nice if business was always good? Unfortunately, business cycles go up and down, and there may be other obstacles to running your business. We understand and are by your side in challenging times as well as good times. When things do happen, you need support and flexibility from your partner – and that’s what you can expect from us.

A second financing source

Your bank credit line is best used to act as a cash flow buffer to your daily activities – not for buying trucks and support services. That’s why having a second line of credit from Volvo Financial Services is a much better way to finance your truck purchase.

Volvo Trucks rental solutions

Finance solutions

Smart thinking

Our finance specialists are dedicated to go the extra mile for you and look at all the options available. These include down payments to reduce monthly payments, accelerated payments and fixed and floating interest rates for enhanced finance control. We offer step payments for customers who want to build equity faster. We’ll look at straight, balloon and seasonal amortizations, all tailored to your business cycle. We are unparalleled financial services experts in our industry.

Insurance solutions

First class protection

Don’t take a chance when you need to protect your business against financial risks. Get first class protection. The continuity of your business should always be protected and balanced against insurance expenses. Our insurance specialists know how. Therefore, we offer a range of excellent insurance products tailored specifically to your needs and adapted to local conditions. Should things go wrong, one phone call is enough to get full support. We will help you to repair damages and minimize consequential losses.

Insurance for your own requirement

Volvo Financial Services does not provide tax or accounting advice. Customers should consult their tax attorney or accountant about individual circumstances.

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