Volvo FM. The flexible specialist.

The Volvo FM is a flexible heavy-duty truck for active drivers, and it’s ready to take on any assignment with ease. Tailor yours for anything from regional transport assignments to specialized missions around urban areas requiring rigid trucks. Choose between electric, gas and diesel.

    Volvo FM

    Applications: Regional-haul transport assignments, chemical and petroleum transport, delivery transport, waste and recycling transport, public service and utility transport
    Power: 330–500 hp

    Availability: Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America

    Volvo FM Electric

    Applications: Regional-haul and delivery transport assignments, waste and recycling transport, container transport, building and construction transport, public service and utility transport
    Combination weight: 44 tonnes
    Power: up to 490 kW
    Range: up to 300 km

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    Volvo FM gas-powered

    Applications: Regional-haul transport assignments, container transport, chemical and petroleum transport
    Power: 420–500 hp
    Range: up to 1000 km

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A cab designed for busy days

The Volvo FM offers comfort and space in the same league as its bigger siblings. The direct vision and supporting solutions cater for a high level of safety in urban areas. Take a closer look at the truck’s superior working environment in the gallery below.

Camera Monitor System

The Camera Monitor System clears the direct view and opens up your visual field in both good and challenging conditions. Night vision improves your view in the dark. With the passenger corner camera, you uncover the hidden area close to the truck on the passenger side to improve safety.

Infotainment and audio

A driver interface that’s easy to use, an infotainment system and an audio system available in two levels make the Volvo FM a comfortable experience, whether you're driving or resting.

Closer to the ground

The Volvo FM's cab design is low with a driving position close to the ground. From here, making eye contact with other road users and having control of the areas close to the truck is easier. And the more you get in and out of the cab during the day, the more you’ll love the convenient height. For electric city assignments, there’s a super-smooth low entry version available.

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Tailor your Volvo FM

A wide range of accessible cabs. The choice of electric, gas-powered and diesel powertrains. A chassis that can be prepared for whatever superstructure and task you could ask for. And energy-saving features like drag-free disc brakes. Make it ready for any assignment. Truck Builder is available in various markets, find yours here:

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering is like a helping hand that makes your driving easier and more precise, and relieves the strain. It also adds functionality to your driver support systems, with active steering in different situations. And should you blow a tire, the system will help you keep a steady course until you stop.

Perfect gear changes with I-Shift

I-Shift offers a range of transmissions that makes your driving easy and efficient. It can be used for everything from long-haul and construction transport to city deliveries. A line of packages lets you tailor it to your needs with one-pedal driving functions and more. Should that not be enough, the I-Shift Dual Clutch changes gear without interruption in power delivery. 

Driver support systems for your safety

If there’s a certain risk of a collision ahead, Collision Warning with Emergency Brake is there to alert you and apply the brakes if needed. Side Collision Avoidance Support and Door Opening Warning cover both your sides. They use radar sensors to reduce the risk of collisions with vehicles and other road users and warn you from opening the doors – if there’s a risk of a collision. All directions count in safety. 

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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