In 1927, the first series-manufactured Volvo car, the Volvo ÖV4, rolled off the production line in Lundby in Göteborg, Sweden. In February 1928, the very first Volvo truck left the same assembly line – in a building near where the Volvo Trucks headquarters are located today. The story of Volvo Trucks isn't just about the process of building, creating, developing, and refining our vehicles.

It is also a story about the development of the truck in general. Not least how this mode of transport went from being something of a luxury – a complement to goods trains, cargo ships, and even horses and carts – to one of the main modes of transport that move the world today.  

Latest Press Release

Latest Press Release

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Volvo Museum is preserving and celebrating the history of Volvo and make it known to the public. The museum is run by Volvo Car Group and Volvo Group. Ever since the opening in 1995, the collection of vehicles has continued to grow. 

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