We know how important it is to keep your truck on the road. Therefore Genuine Volvo Parts and Accessories are designed for ultimate reliability, durability and performance. They are quality assured and fulfill Volvo’s specifications and stringent requirements. Just like our trucks, Genuine Volvo Parts get tested not only in our laboratories, but also in our extensive field test programmes that cover a wide range of driving conditions – from arctic ice to desert heat.

Should an unplanned stop occur, our advanced and efficient logistics system will make sure that we find the right parts and deliver them right away. And our skilled technicians will be prepared to help, so the truck will be back on the road as quick as possible. Maximized uptime. And guaranteed peace of mind.


Original condition. Because that is what you got in the first place. You can rely on factory-level quality, durability and fit to keep your Volvo a Volvo.


The right Parts. In the right place at the right time. The Volvo Trucks network covers over 130 countries and more than 2000 dealers and workshops.


2 years fitted parts warranty on Genuine Volvo Parts and Accessories.

Genuine Volvo Parts Volvo Trucks Services

Genuine Volvo Parts

Genuine Volvo Parts help keep your truck on the road and available for work. With the right parts to the right specifications, working in perfect harmony, you can also maintain your truck’s fuel efficiency to keep fuel costs and emissions down.

Volvo Trucks Accessories Volvo Trucks Services

Volvo Truck Accessories

The right accessories turn a Volvo truck into your Volvo truck. Giving you those little extras like a cool new look, more fuel efficiency and productivity, or making it a home from home after another good day on the road.

Volvo Reman Volvo Trucks Services

Volvo Reman


Keep your Volvo truck in top condition with Volvo re-manufactured parts. Not only do you get the same benefits that come with Genuine Volvo Parts, but also at a reduced price, and with lower impact on the environment.

Volvo Trucks Stores Volvo Trucks Services

Volvo Trucks Merchandise Store

Our merchandise is developed in close connection to the Volvo brand values, emphasizing functionality but also taking great interest in providing sustainable products. The concepts and products are unique, designed to support the everyday life style of the drivers in our proud community and the whole Volvo Trucks network. Welcome to a global brand like no other.

Visit Volvo Trucks Merchandise Store

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