Improve driver safety and prevent accidents

The Safety service in Volvo Connect lets you monitor and analyze driver behavior to improve the safety of your fleet and reduce the risk of accidents. This will also reduce wear and tear, increase fuel efficiency and, above all, make our roads as safe as possible. For everyone.

Key benefits

Analyze and improve driver safety.

Get alerted to safety events.

Increase fuel efficiency.

Reduce wear and tear.

Reduce the risk of accidents.

Protect your businessʼs reputation.

Learn more about the Safety service below. You can also visit Volvo Connect Marketplace or contact your local dealer for more information. 

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Featured Safety & Security service


Safety & security is about more than just protecting truck drivers and other road users in the event of an accident. Itʼs about preventing accidents from happening in the first place. The Safety Service in Volvo Connect provides a fact-based foundation for safety analysis and driver training efforts. The service records driver behavior such as harsh braking and acceleration, as well as intervention by active safety systems to avoid an incident or accident. This helps fleet managers and drivers identify areas of improvement and contribute towards safer transports, while increasing fuel efficiency and reducing wear and tear.

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