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Vehicle Service

In our authorized workshops your trucks are in safe hands. At Volvo Trucks, our first priority is to keep your trucks on the road and available for work. Key to this is planned downtime for service and repairs: it minimizes standstills, extends service intervals, and saves time and money. Thanks to connectivity and Volvo Trucks advanced telematics and diagnostic tools, we can plan and prepare service according to your actual vehicle usage. And with Real Time Monitoring we can even predict unexpected stops and turn them into planned workshop visits. All so you can feel confident on the road, enjoy greater uptime and keep your promises to your customers.


Why Genuine Volvo Service

  • Always Genuine Volvo Parts with
    2-year fitted parts warranty
  • Over 2,000 dealers and
    workshops in 130 countries
  • Authorized and trained technicians
  • Roadside Assistance in 16 languages
  • One-stop service
  • Customized service contracts

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Real Time Monitoring and uptime services

Find out how Volvo Trucks is using improved connectivity to monitor its trucks in real time and predict unplanned stops before they occur. Coupled with Remote Software Download and the Volvo Action Service (VAS), it offers smarter transport solutions that keep trucks rolling and set the standard for uptime.

Tire management services

A convenient way to accurately measure tire pressure and temperature in real time. The results can be monitored, helping to identify slow punctures and avoid tire explosions. By ensuring the correct pressure and temperature, this new service also helps lower fuel consumption and extend the life of each tire.

Trailer Services Vehicle Care Volvo Trucks Services

Trailer service

A smart preventive-maintenance solution that keeps you a step ahead. With our trailer service you can service your trailer while we service your truck. This minimizes the time spent in the workshop as well as your administrative workload.

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