Volvo FH. The original long-haul icon.

The Volvo FH is the iconic long-haul truck built to keep you comfortable and safe over the longest stretches. It’s loaded with technology to boost your efficiency. Choose from a wide range of electric, gas-powered and diesel powertrains that will turn driving into quality time from day one.

    Volvo FH

    Applications: Long-haul and regional-haul transport assignments, building and construction transport, forestry and timber transport, mining and quarry transport
    Power: 420–540 hp

    Availability: Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America

    Volvo FH Electric

    Applications: Regional-haul and container transports, building and construction transports
    Combination weight: 44 tonnes
    Power: up to 490 kW
    Range: up to 300 km

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    Volvo FH gas-powered

    Applications: Long-haul and regional-haul transports, container transports
    Power: 420–500 hp
    Range: up to 1000 km

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Explore the Volvo FH's comfort and safety features

A distinctive headlamp shape and an upright cab profile, easy to identify from a distance. A range of comfortable cabs packed with solutions that can make your life on the road even better. Browse the gallery below to find out more about what makes this truck an efficient and comfortable workplace.

Shaped for efficiency

The LED headlamps, tighter gaps and Camera Monitor System are examples of the efficient Volvo FH design features that reduce drag and save energy. On top of that, the adaptive high beam optimizes your vision without disturbing others to improve road safety.

The perfect cab climate

A well-calibrated climate system distributes and circulates the air in your Volvo FH cab when you’re on the move. When you switch the engine off for a rest, simply activate I-Park Cool to keep a comfortable cab climate all the way through a good night’s sleep, using battery power alone.

Everyday comfort

The Volvo FH cabs are made to make your days on the road run smoothly. There’s plenty of storage, dual refrigerators to keep food and beverages fresh and a microwave to heat your favorite snacks. And, of course, a really comfortable bed.

Tailor your Volvo FH

Electric, gas-powered or diesel. Five cab sizes. A range of exterior and interior trim levels. And a broad selection of options like drag-free disc brakes and I-Save, to make driving even more efficient, safe and productive. Truck Builder is available in selected markets, choose yours here:

Make the Volvo FH your perfect drive

Whether you use your Volvo FH for long-haul transportation or construction assignments, your gear changes will be perfect and maneuvers will be sharp and controlled with I-Shift and Volvo Dynamic Steering. Take a look at the gallery below to get more details about I-Shift, Volvo Dynamic Steering and other options for your truck.


I-Shift offers a range of transmissions that can be tailored for everything from long haul to construction and heavy transport. The I-Shift Dual Clutch changes gear without interruption in power delivery. Equipped with crawler gears, I-Shift lets you manage extreme loads from standstill without compromising with your fuel economy at high speeds.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering assists your steering like a steady hand, to make your driving easier and relieve the strain. It also adds functionality to your driver support systems with active steering in different situations. In addition, there’s an option to steer your truck with a remote control.

Tandem Axle Lift

Less energy needed, better traction and a tighter turning radius. The Tandem Axle Lift lets you disengage and raise one of the driving axles. The traction and load capacity of a tandem drive, with the driveability and efficiency of a single drive.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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