My Truck App

Get remote access to your Volvo Truck with the My Truck app.

Welcome to your new cab

With the My Truck app, you get remote access to your Volvo truck. This allows you to check the dashboard, set the desired in-cab climate, check door lock status and act on alarms – no matter where you are. The app is available for the Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX trucks. If you ask us, there’s no easier way to improve your daily operations.

Benefits of My Truck

Easier planning

You can check fuel, oil, coolant and fluid levels as well as battery and light status. This improves your

truck’s pre-trip readiness and makes it easier to plan your daily operations.

Better comfort

You can set and schedule the cab parking heater and cooler, so you’ll always have the perfect climate for a comfortable journey.

Improved security

You can check the door lock status and get push notifications if the alarm goes off. This improves the security of the truck and instantly tells you if something is wrong.

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