Volvo FE. Your
versatile city truck.

Lots of capacity in a compact format. The Volvo FE will manage an impressive load to size ratio while still being a smooth operator in urban assignments like deliveries, construction and waste collection. Easy to tailor to your needs. And it offers the flexibility to either go electric, or operate on gas or diesel.

    Volvo FE Electric

    Applications: Delivery transports, construction, waste and recycling

    Combination weight: Up to 27 tonnes

    Power: Up to 225 kW

    Range: Up to 275 km


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    Volvo FE

    Typical applications: Delivery transport, urban construction, waste and recycling, municipal services

    Availability: Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa

    Engines: 250 - 350 hp

    Volvo FE CNG

    Applications: Delivery transport, waste and recycling, municipal services

    Combination weight: 18-26 tonnes

    Power: 320 hp


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Volvo FE Highlights

Built-in safety

A low driving position, large windows and slim mirrors ensure excellent visibility in city driving. A range of driver support systems, fulfilling or exceeding the European General Safety Regulations, are there to protect vulnerable road users and help drivers work even safer.

Power options

Electric, diesel or gas-powered? Go with diesel and choose from four output levels from 250 to 350 hp and up to 1400 Nm of torque. You can tailor the Volvo FE for smooth deliveries or demanding construction transport assignments.

The smooth I-Shift

Efficient and smooth. The 12 speed I-Shift makes the most of your fuel while optimizing comfort. Software packages are available to optimize the powertrain performance for your operation. 

Shaped to work

The Volvo FE is a bit wider and can carry more load than the Volvo FL. The design emphasizes city functionality with distinctively shaped and energy efficient LED lights, large windows and slim mirrors.

Working around the truck 

Easy entry

All Volvo FE cabs offer a convenient entry made with safety and ergonomics as top priorties. The low-entry cab goes as low as 440 mm, and the adjustable air suspension facilitates load handling at different heights.

Control around your truck

A low driving position, great direct vision, cameras in the rear and passenger side – and improved safety using Front Short Range Assist and Side Collision Avoidance Support. The best conditions to see where your crew and other road users are.

Access to power

Regardless of whether you choose electric or diesel power, there are power take-offs available to power to your pumps, tipper, compactor, lift or whatever the tools you need to do your job. And the chassis is easy to tailor to a convenient workplace.

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