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Driver Support

It is no surprise that there is a shortage of professional drivers around the world. The challenge for many operators is to attract and retain them. But, it is well worth the effort. Skilled, motivated drivers are proven to be more productive and drive more efficiently and safely. Simply put, they have a big, positive impact on the bottom line.

A Volvo truck already offers drivers the world’s best experience in terms of safety, handling, and driving and resting comfort. So if you have invested in getting the right truck to start with, investing in your driver is essential too – helping to ensure you reap all the benefits of the truck.

Our Driver Development trainings can help you achieve this, and more. The courses give the drivers the skills to be safer, and more efficient and knowledgeable. This leads to less wear and tear on the truck, better fuel economy, happier and healthier drivers, and a healthier bottom line too.

Driver Development

Driver Development

Did you know you could save up to 10% on fuel by changing the way a driver accelerates and brakes? Based on decades of research and experience, and led by specialist instructors, Volvo training helps drivers get the most out of a truck and drive it safer, smarter and more fuel-efficiently.

My truck app

My truck app

Connecting the vehicle to a smartphone app. This feature gives the driver instant status information and control of the vehicle remotely. They can check the current fuel level, battery status, light status, and more: all from a smartphone or tablet. 

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