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Social Responsibility

People matter to us. And we were one of first companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) – a policy initiative for businesses committed to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Human rights

Our Code of Conduct supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights. It highlights the most important human rights issues that our suppliers and partners must adhere to.


We have an active non-discrimination programme, which includes Diversity and Inclusive Leadership (DIL) training courses for all our managers. As an example of its success, the share of female senior executives is now above 20% - and is increasing yearly.


Health and safety

The Volvo Production System provides occupational risk assessment tools, indicators to measure health and safety and a methodology for ergonomic workplace assessment. Employees are also encouraged to report all incidents, so preventative action can be taken.

Freedom of association

Our employees, all around the world, are free to join labour associations and unions. And if they wish, they have the right to abstain from a union, too.

Safer trucks, roads and drivers

A vital element of our social responsibility involves improving road safety, everywhere. To do this, we share our Accident Research Team’s knowledge and data with global research institutions, public authorities and politicians.

Our Accident Research Team’s database is the most comprehensive in the world. It’s used to develop technologies that can prevent accidents before they happen. It's also used to design systems that protect drivers, passengers and other road users if an accident does occur.

People account for 90% of all road accidents. So much of our effort focuses on driver behaviour. Getting truck drivers to use seat belts is a key initiative - and we’re also concentrating on factors like inattention, speed and alcohol.

Shared value

Our dedication to social responsibility means that we support a range of education programmes and health and safety projects. The majority of our social commitments take place at a local level – where we can make a big difference.

The Volvo Traffice safety programme

The Volvo Traffic Safety Programme is Brazil’s longest running traffic safety campaign. It's centred on drink driving, seat belt use and child safety in cars.

Environmental responsibility

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