Towards zero accidents

Safety has been one of the driving forces behind Volvo’s operations since the very start. Thanks to a series of industry firsts throughout the company’s history, Volvo is widely-known as a leader in the field. But leading positions have to be earned, so development and innovation in the field of safety continues all the time, with new systems launched and existing systems refined on an ongoing basis. And we have a vision that motivates us – of zero accidents involving a Volvo truck.

A holistic view of safety

With safety, everything is about people. Safety of people inside the cab is important, but so is the safety of people outside the truck.   And as well as delivering safety systems designed to reduce harm and avoid accidents, safety for Volvo is about spreading awareness – educating, informing, changing attitudes and making a difference in society. Here, Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic and Product Safety Director explains the holistic safety vision.

The three-point safety belt is perhaps one of Volvo’s best-known contributions to safety.  And development of safety features has continued ever since it was given to the world. This has led to many more innovations designed not only to protect the driver, but make traffic environments much safer too.


Our research team has collected and analyzed years’ worth of real-life traffic accident information from the field to guide us how to stop those types of accidents from happening again. Systems like Volvo Dynamic Steering are also developed for safety as well as performance.

We work with active and passive safety measures. Active safety measures are those which are designed to stop accidents from happening in the first place, while passive safety measures are those designed to minimize or avoid the risk of damage or injury when an accident occurs. Developing safer trucks has therefore always been about more than just protection.


We create safety systems that are designed to monitor truck behavior and surrounding traffic – not just to protect, but to predict safety hazards and react. The systems may be out of sight, but they are engineered to activate and to support the driver in a wide variety of conceivable situations - for the safety of the driver, as well as all other road users.

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