Our design

Right from the very beginning in 1927, Volvo has been a brand for people who care about the world we live in and the people around us. When designing our trucks, this human-centric approach is our guiding star.




"The contrasts found in the Scandinavian landscape are a fantastic source of inspiration. Shifting seasons from warm summers to freezing winters, soft sand, hard rocks, deep forests, silent snow, and icy lakes. There are contrasts everywhere and this is what we bring to the design of our trucks"


Jonathan Disley, Design Director Volvo Trucks


"At Volvo Trucks, we always strive to simplify design. We ask ourselves, 'how can we scale this design back and make it even clearer and more defined?"


Carina Byström, Chief Designer Interior


“Innovation should look unique and like something you have never seen before, but still familiar, like a pleasant surprise.” 


Ismail Ovacik, Chief Designer Exterior