Towards zero emissions

Environmental care has been one of Volvo’s core values for many years. Within our range, you can find reduced-emission and zero-tailpipe-emission solutions which make good business sense for our customers, helping them to meet their own emission reductions targets. Since we are a global company, our solutions are adaptable to industries and infrastructures worldwide.

The bigger picture

In this video Mia Edofsson, Global Sustainability Director, explains how the journey to zero emissions is a central part of Volvo’s work in our industry, and something that takes place throughout the whole supply chain.

A lot has been done to reduce or even eliminate the tailpipe emissions created by trucks in use. Today, many of our customers are already driving electric trucks or trucks running on renewable fuels like HVO or biodiesel. Tomorrow, hydrogen will be a part of the future of transportation, both when it comes to powering fuel cell electric trucks and being used as a fuel in the combustion engine itself.


Technology is a powerful enabler in making engines ever more energy-efficient. Aerodynamics play a major role, as do services like route planning and topography calculators by making driving altogether more efficient.


Reducing tailpipe emissions is not the only thing that needs to be addressed. Operations and supply chain play a major part in meeting emission targets too, and the impact of building a truck needs to be reduced.

We have signed the Paris agreement and Science Based Targets.  By 2050 our rolling population of around 1.5 million trucks must be net-zero.   That means that from 2040 we aim to be net-zero in our value chain, since it takes approximately ten years to replace the rolling population.


Focussing on emissions is a clear priority for us. But caring for the environment in a wider context is also important. That’s why as well as emissions, we’re focusing on resource use, energy use, and more.


In the following links, you can find details on how we’re driving progress towards zero emissions: from trucks, to operations, and everything in between. And you can find out how we contribute to a more sustainable society here.

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