Towards a more sustainable society

We have a part to play in making the transport industry more sustainable: improving efficiency, making the industry more inclusive, taking responsibility through our entire value chain, ensuring human rights, and using resources and materials in the most efficient way. Throughout, and beyond, the lifetime of a truck. By engaging with society, we can contribute to a more sustainable, more resilient future. 

For us, sustainability is about creating a world in which which people, the planet and our industry can thrive. That might include addressing and creating better working conditions in the transport industry – and by making the job as a truck driver or service technician more attractive and beneficial to everyone.


It also involves increasing awareness of safety in an attempt to address not only road safety, but also safety in rest stops. And our workplaces need to be safe, secure, responsible and inclusive. There can be no compromise on human rights, and any human or social problem needs to be addressed safely and effectively.

Transport is the lifeblood of society, and the bloodstream needs to be healthy – throughout the entire system. Since our entire value chain involves way more than simply making trucks, responsible sales and responsible purchasing, are integral parts of the process - way before the truck ever gets onto the road.


Here are some of the ways in which we are contributing towards a more sustainable society.

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