Towards increased productivity

Our industry is in a period of transformation. In the midst of change, productivity and partnership are among the highest of our concerns. They always will be.

Partnership is progress

In this film, Volvo Trucks’ President Roger Alm explains how partnership and productivity are of high importance, to both us and our customers, in the face of a transforming industry.

As we head into the future, society’s transport needs will increase. To meet this growing demand, and at the same time reduce emissions, transport productivity and efficiency are important areas to address.


Today, for example, truck fill rates are on average only 40–50% of the total load capacity. This is something we need to address – so to improve productivity and the use of available resources, we are offering our customers several digital solutions to optimize transportation through load consolidation, sharing, and improving fleet efficiency.


All our trucks are optimized for efficiency and productivity, no matter what drivelines our customers choose. And with every new launch, we increase energy efficiency even more. 

Our electric trucks are among the most powerful we have in our lineup. Same for the gas-powered trucks, with their impressive range and power, and net-zero capabilities. Our most powerful engines combine real power with real purpose, geared towards increased fuel efficiency: premium internal combustion engines, designed to save fuel and capable of running on renewable fuels, and designed to improve both your emissions footprint and your bottom line.


And as well as our service contracts, our global service network with over 2200 service points and workshops means that we are always close to our customers, ensuring their uptime and efficiency.


We’ll be there to find the right solution for you, no matter what it is – one that ensures your business can thrive in the face of transformation. And we create solutions, geared towards staying productive, for all businesses, wherever they are in the world.

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