What we believe in

We are determined to lead the way and tackle the global challenges in the transport industry. By using our innovation power to develop new solutions, we strive for a better everyday life for people in both urban and rural environments.


We collaborate with transport buyers, research institutions, and universities - and we are engaged in dialogues with decision-makers on local, regional, and national levels.

Our core values of quality, safety, and environmental care have been guiding us from the start - and they continue to guide us into the future.


The choices we make today define the world we will live in tomorrow. Climate change, population growth, and increasing urbanization is shifting the expectations on transport and infrastructure, making sustainable transportation increasingly important. 

Three things we stand for


We select the best suppliers based on their capabilities and performance. Before introducing anything to the market, we conduct tests that are among the toughest in our industry. And the outcome of our work to focus on quality can be seen in the entire development chain – including design, engineering, choice of materials, manufacturing, sales and aftermarket services.


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Safety is built into our heritage and it is a central part of our identity. ​​Our vision includes zero accidents involving Volvo trucks, and i​n addition to making our trucks as safe as possible, we promote safe driving and raise awareness about traffic safety. ​​ ​​We innovate and produce solutions that help prevent accidents from happening – and reduce injuries if an accident does occur. 


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Environmental care

We believe that electric trucks are a great step towards more sustainable transportation. We also see great potential with hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Today's combustion engines are efficient energy converters that can run on diesel and renewable fuels. And we provide services that can help our customers reduce waste in the transport system and make logistics as efficient as possible. 


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How we drive progress

It's our promise to our customers, our industry and the world. But how do we do it? Here, you can find examples of how we work towards increased productivity, reduced emissions and accidents, and a more sustainable society.


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