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Environmental work never ends

Without trucks, society would grind to a halt. And demand is growing. To make trucks run, diesel engine technology is our best option to date, in terms of fuel efficiency. This is where we stand today. And we are fully prepared for tomorrow.


On the way to CO2 Neutral operations

It is a challenging equation: how to balance a growing demand for transport with a need to protect the environment? Trucks will remain a natural part of transport solutions.

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Together we're stronger

We can’t achieve sustainable transport solutions on our own. So today, tomorrow and in the decades to come, we need to work together and cooperate with selected partners.

One example worth mentioning is Volvo Group’s participation in the WWF programme Climate Savers, which entails a commitment to continuously reduce CO2 emissions.

We’re convinced that innovations will provide at least some of the answers society is looking for. That’s why we’re working with research institutions and universities to develop technologies that increase fuel efficiency, and to develop and implement the use of alternative fuels.


Our Journey

From the designer’s first sketch to the day a truck is recycled, we consider the environmental impact of every single step.

This has helped us create trucks that are 40% more fuel-efficient. It’s reduced emissions by up to 90%. Accelerated our hybrid technology. Advanced our use of alternative fuels, like methane, HVO and DME. And helped us produce trucks that are 90% recyclable.

We also scrutinise each process within our operation. Switching to alternative energy sources has reduced CO2 emissions from our factories. Our cab paint shop in Umeå has the lowest solvent emissions in our industry. Eliminating idle running of machines has reduced energy losses by 30%. And we’re working with our suppliers to reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles travelling to and from our plants.

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Social Responsibility

By People. For People

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