Keeping your trucks at work

Volvo Trucks has been monitoring certain components to optimize service planning and eliminate most unplanned stops for years. But some malfunctions are difficult if not impossible to predict. Until now. 

New methods for monitoring and analyzing truck data in real time and machine learning are opening exciting opportunities to improve truck uptime even further. Think of it as your sixth sense.

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markus efraimsson Volvo Uptime

Increasing uptime is not a single journey. It involves a lot of different activities that need to take place in different areas. This is why we are doing real time monitoring, introducing machine learning and increasing our capabilities to monitor more trucks. It’s all part of our continuous effort to keep our customers’ trucks on the road.

Markus Efraimsson

VP Uptime & AM Vehicle Requirements, Volvo Trucks

Removing Unplanned Stops in Real Time

We are currently applying new methods for monitoring and analyzing data from thousands of trucks in real time. This enables us to identify patterns to predict breakdowns long before they occur.

When an imminent failure is detected the customer’s local Volvo workshop is alerted so that preventive actions can be taken – ahead of time. This gives the workshop a heads-up so that the right expertise and part or component is ready as soon as the truck comes in.

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Machine Learning - Finding Hidden Patterns

Volvo Trucks is already taking the next step by gradually introducing machine learning. With this technology we can collect and analyze large amounts of data from the truck – and hundreds of thousands of connected trucks. This allows us to develop increasingly more intelligent computer models that can identify patterns hidden from human view and capabilities.

Imagine what this could mean. Repairs could be done during scheduled service visits – minimizing stops and helping to improve the profitability of your transport operation. 

Henrik Ydreskog Volvo Uptime

Machine learning allows us to go far beyond engineering skills and handle large amounts of data that simply was not possible before. Now we can find critical, hidden patterns to more accurately predict component failures that might occur even further into the future.

Henrik Ydreskog

Data Scientist, Service operations – Uptime and aftermarket vehicle requirements, Volvo Trucks

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Stay productive – Volvo Gold Contract

A Volvo Gold Contract guarantees the best possible truck uptime. That is why our new methods for preventing unplanned stops will be available first for customers with this service.