Born in Sweden. Built to work.

Quality by Volvo Trucks

This is where we come from. It’s a harsh environment. Unforgiving. A place where quality is the key to success – and survival.

Quality is the basis of everything we do. From the way we design, manufacture and test our trucks, to the services, parts and people who support them.

Zero unplanned stops

Quality is a prerequisite for profit. By guaranteeing our trucks are available to work 100% of the time, we maximise uptime, productivity and help increase profit for our customers.

Today we offer a 100% uptime guarantee to Volvo FH and FM customers with a Gold Service Contract. Our goal is to offer it across our range. And around the world.

Measuring quality

Component test. Rig test. Durability test. Hot chambers. Cold chambers. Sun simulators. Nothing is left to chance. We test every single detail – again and again – to ensure every component meets the highest quality standard. Our standard.

Proving grounds

Our latest test rig is the largest and most accurate of its kind in the world. And within a few weeks it can simulate the stresses and strains that a truck is subjected to throughout its entire life.

At our extensive proving ground in Hällered, we also design test programs that simulate every conceivable road surface a truck will encounter in its working life.

50 laps around the world

The test programme for our long distance trucks, which is run mostly on good roads, monitors every aspect of the truck on a 2million kilometre test run. That’s 50 laps around the world.

Our construction trucks don’t spend their lives on smooth roads. So we take them on a tortuous journey that test their endurance way beyond their operating conditions.

Quality’s built in

After the rigorous testing, our global manufacturing processes ensure every truck is meticulously assembled. We also spot test trucks through the production line to verify their quality before they leave the plant.

A genuine Volvo

When we service your truck, we only use Genuine Volvo Parts. Parts that are designed to our specifications. Rigorously tested. And manufactured to our uncompromising standards. The parts are then fitted by some of the most skilled mechanics in the world.

The world’s best technicians

Volvo mechanics are some of the best in the world. And to hone their skills, they compete in Vista, the world’s largest competition for aftermarket personnel.

Telematic technology

Our Telematic Gateway technology connects the truck to the workshop, providing live information about the trucks’ engine, mileage and fuel consumption. Technicians can also see diagnostic trouble codes and monitor the status of numerous components, like the brake pads, clutch, the battery and more.

Monitoring your truck this way reduces unplanned stops. It also means the workshop is fully prepared when you arrive, so you’re back on the road in the shortest possible time.

Where next?

Today we design trucks for segments, like long haul or construction. In the future we’ll take this to a new level, designing each truck to meet the exact needs of the customer. Connected technology lets us monitor a truck’s vital components today. But we’ll need more advanced technologies and further development to fine-tune every parameter to the customers’ needs.

Trucks will integrate more with society in the future, as data is sent between vehicles and their surroundings. Services like toll collection – an interaction between infrastructure and vehicles – are common today. As the technology develops, the level of integration will become far more sophisticated.

This will make our trucks and roads safer. It’ll improve fuel efficiency. Ease congestion. Lower emissions. And contribute to sustainable transport solutions.

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