Increase productivity through driver training

Volvo Trucks’ driver development courses provide a mix of specialist know-how and practical skills to maximise the vehicle’s productivity.
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In a competitive transport industry, a skilled driver makes a real difference to productivity, fuel consumption, and safety.

In a competitive transport industry, a skilled driver makes a real difference. That’s why Volvo Trucks offers a range of courses aimed at driver development.
The courses are produced by Volvo Trucks’ competence development team and taught by instructors who are knowledgeable specialists, so that drivers maximise the vehicle’s potential.

“For drivers, your Volvo truck is a powerful tool. To drive it efficiently, you need to have a good understanding of the vehicle and make full use of its technological capabilities,” says Emanuele Piga, Director Driver Development and Support Services at Volvo Trucks.

Benefits of the training include higher profitability due to higher productivity, reduced fuel consumption, improved working environment for drivers and less wear and tear on their vehicles.

Driver development also helps to attract and retain talent: “The industry is crying out for good drivers. Training to develop driver competence is key to a good image of the profession and ensures that drivers stay in the business,” says Michael Börjesson, Fuel Services Manager Volvo Trucks.

During 2018, Volvo Trucks’ course programme is being further updated to meet the individual needs of participating companies and drivers. 

Transport Business & Legislation
Regulations that govern a driver’s work environment are becoming increasingly complex. This training is designed to clarify and explain the driver’s role and rules surrounding driving and rest times. It aims to ensure that participants can navigate the rules to achieve max productivity, while reducing risks posed by tired and overworked drivers.

Efficient Driving
The driver is an important factor in achieving high fuel efficiency, since fuel consumption can vary as much as 30 per cent between different drivers. This course teaches participants how to fully leverage the fuel efficiency features in their truck, as well as how to use the force of a moving vehicle in an optimal way. Efficient driving not only saves on your bottom line costs, it directly benefits the environment and reduces driver stress.

Secure Transports
Loads with varying weights and sizes need to be secured differently. Load security is strictly regulated to prevent goods from coming loose, and in order to minimise safety risks, accidents and to reduce damage to the load and the vehicle. This course also equips drivers with the know-how to reduce the risk of cargo theft, a crime that is on the rise.

Health & First Aid
Through a mix of knowledge and practical exercises, drivers are given the tools to improve their physical fitness, rest and diet. The course provides an overview of ergonomic principles and participants learn fitness exercises that can be completed behind the wheel to help avoid occupational injury. It also includes lessons about what to do in the case of an accident, as well as training in first aid and CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

Safe Driving
Safe driving can lower risk of injury, reduce costs, and increase Uptime. It can also be a make or break issue for transport companies. After all, what company wants to have an image of one of their vehicles splashed across the news after an accident? After taking the course, drivers will be able to complete their routes with a better understanding of risks and how to minimise them. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of the truck’s safety features.

Working in Construction
What can a driver of a construction vehicle do to avoid getting stuck in the mud? Or from tipping over in rough terrain? This unique course addresses the day-to-day challenges of driving in construction sites, which often have uneven and risky terrain, and how to use the features developed specifically for construction trucks. Ultimately, this course is a guide to safe and efficient off-road driving of Volvo trucks.