She’s got the look – Vera’s design explained

The lack of a driver’s cab is possibly Vera’s most notable design feature. However, a closer inspection reveals a multitude of smaller, subtler features, which have all been carefully planned and thought out.

Iron mark
The classic iron mark is accentuated by a sharp backlight. By placing the iron mark close to the leading technical components, Volvo is emphasizing the next step in the development of future logistics systems, where autonomous vehicles can play an important role in transportation within defined areas, such as ports and logistics centres.

The body
The vehicle’s body is formed with the purpose of emphasising its high functionality. From its ‘brain’ in the front, graphics follow the ‘backbone’ along the top of the vehicle. These graphics highlight the electrification and autonomous technology inside the shell. LED lights and over 30 different sensors have been placed so that they fulfil their functions but at the same time blend into the clean design. Contrasting colours highlight the vehicle’s different attributes. The dark portions strengthen the technical aspects while the lighter parts make the vehicle more approachable and human.

The wheels
The combined rim and tire gives a visually larger diameter on the rim. The tires complete the vehicle as a whole and also radiate a powerful image, matching the shoulders of the vehicle. The orange colour in the middle of the tire in combination with the pattern on the rim, make the tire stand out. The pattern has been designed to tie into the high-tech parts in Vera, and here the design team were inspired by a coil of copper wire.


The distinctive Volvo headlights with its V-shape gives a decisive yet pleasant light. At the rear, the red tail lights with similar stripes contrast against the smaller grey and black details nearby. On the sides, a long straight illuminated white line from the Volvo logo symbolises the battery and wireless connections. Together, the lighting creates a whole that fits together and where every detail has its own unique purpose.

Fifth wheel
The black section that run straight over Vera connects together the automation technology with the turntable – or “fifth wheel” as it is also known. The surface of the turntable has a matte finish and a robust appearance that shows both its high capacity and resistance to heavy wear.

The colours
Vera’s colours were chosen to make it appear modern, urban, friendly and technical. The clean and simple silver body makes the vehicle appear lighter. Black areas with combinations of matte and glossy finishes cover the technical areas. A subtle plum hue gives the vehicle’s brain a sense of sophistication while also making the vehicle more noticeable from a far distance. To highlight the automation technology, a modern and warm orange colour was chosen to make it stand out from other Volvo trucks.