Why transport seawater?

Incheon, South Korea: People here love fresh seafood. To ensure quality and taste, fish are delivered alive, which requires clean saltwater throughout the supply chain. This is where the company Younan comes in. Its facility at the bustling wholesale fish market includes an 8 km pipeline that pumps offshore ocean water into sandy filtering pools, producing about one million litres of filtered saltwater each day. Small trucks for local deliveries stop here to fill up their tanks before loading with seafood. In addition, seven Volvo FM trucks, each with a 25 tonnes capacity, deliver saltwater to fish markets, restaurants and aquariums throughout the Seoul and Gyeonggi area.
Transporting seawater in Incheon, South Korea
To keep seafood alive, and therefore as fresh as possible, they must be transported in clean seawater throughout the supply chain.

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