Join our campaign – and save kids lives

Every year, more than 260,000 children under the age of 19 die in traffic accidents. We need to do all we can to prevent this from happening, and this is why we make our interactive education material available to all.
Stop Look Wave saves lives.

Through the Volvo Group’s traffic research analyses of real life accidents, it has become quite clear that the cause behind the majority of road accidents involves human behavior to some degree. This is why, in addition to developing many innovative safety features for our products, we also work on all other aspects of safety.

We decided to work on raising children’s awareness of how to behave safely in traffic through a global Stop, Look, Wave hands-on training campaign aimed at children.* We started out by encouraging our 100,000 employees – based all around the world – to get involved in promoting safety awareness sessions for children in their immediate environment, with the help of specially developed training kits.

The Stop, Look, Wave-basic kit, available in ten different languages, consists of an interactive story in Powerpoint format, as well as a self-explanatory User’s guide.

“With our safety campaigns for children, we have succeeded in packaging the information in a manner that arouses their interest and feels relevant to them. Sometimes, a few good tips is sufficient to save lives,” says Volvo Group’s Safety Director, Peter Kronberg.

* As adults and drivers it is our responsibility to keep the children safe and to be role models on how to safely behave in traffic. Therefore we have simultaneously launched a campaign together with the International Road Transport Union ( directed at drivers to encourage them to always be aware of vulnerable road users and do their utmost to drive safely. And, of course, to wave back to children who wave at them.