Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings.

Personalize your steering set up - Volvo Dynamic Steering

Adjusts steering wheel resistance to individual needs
In addition to the two new driver support systems, Volvo Trucks is introducing a longed-for function that makes it possible to adjust steering wheel resistance individually in trucks equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering.

Each driver has a different perception of how light or heavy the steering system should be. Now every driver can adjust the steering wheel resistance exactly as he or she wants for comfortable, relaxed and safe driving. This is a very practical feature, not least for trucks that often have different drivers.

That truck drivers have different driving preferences when out on the road is nothing new. Happily, Trucks have become more adjustable with every generation. But now technology is taking that adjustability or as we now call it, personalisation, to a new level.

For many drivers it takes time to set up the truck according to their preferences. The situation becomes even more challenging when one vehicle has multiple drivers where vehicle settings change on a weekly or maybe even a daily basis. We are all different heights, have different leg and arm lengths, sit differently and therefore like different settings when sitting in the driver’s seat.

So it comes as no surprise that drivers are often divided on personal preferences. But one thing we can all agree on is that the ability to quicky adjust between settings saves time, maintains productivity and makes a real difference to driver comfort. 

Steering feel is a parameter that often varies between drivers and is the perfect example of how technology comes to our aide and simplifies the driver environment.

Volvo’s Volvo Dynamic Steering - Personal settings gives each driver the possibility personalise steering feel. The settings are accessed via the Dynamic Steering Presets menu and can be selected at the touch of a button. The options range from a Default setting which is based on feedback from a large cross section of Volvo Truck drivers using the system or alternatively, a range of pre-programmed settings which include Light, Responsive and Stable modes.

Custom settings
For those drivers that want to create their own setting, there is also a custom option which creates a highly bespoke setting. It takes the driver deeper into the steering characteristics to adjust STRAIGHT (lighter or firmer in a straight line) as well as CORNERING (Stiffness or ease in corners) , DAMPING (how fluid the steering feels) and RETURN (wheel return at low speeds) settings.