Journalists test drive Volvo FH with I-Save

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Three months after its launch, European journalists got an exclusive hands-on opportunity to experience the new Volvo FH with I-Save, a solution optimized for fuel-efficient long-haul operations.

During four weeks in June, around 130 automotive journalists from 30 countries visited Sweden to learn more about the latest steps in Volvo Trucks’ fuel journey in a Driving Impression event. 

The new Volvo FH with I-Save can cut fuel costs by up to seven per cent, thanks to the unique D13TC engine and a number of updated fuel-saving features, like map-based I-See.

The D13TC with Turbo Compound is Volvo Trucks’ most fuel-efficient engine to date and journalists got the opportunity to experience its smooth driving characteristics and impressive hill-climbing power on a 330-kilometer typical long-haul route near Gothenburg.

The test drive included a total of 12 Volvo FH trucks, all striped in grey or blue to stand out on Swedish roads. In addition to the Volvo FH with I-Save, the test drive also covered Step D versions of the D13 engine with extended SCR. 

“During the event we have offered journalists an exclusive hands-on experience and deeper knowledge about the new features and the fuel-saving potential. And even though fuel consumption can be difficult to show in a Driving Impression, we have received a very positive response,” says Tobias Bergman, Director Press Test & Vehicle Coordination, Volvo Trucks Experience Center.

The event also included presentations from Volvo Trucks’ experts on the topics of CO2, engines, I-See, axles and the specific test trucks. Later this year, more press activities are planned in local markets. These stand-alone tests will also include measurements of fuel consumption.

“This was the first opportunity for journalists to drive Volvo FH with I-Save and so they now have a first taste of the truck. Looking at the feedback we got so far, I think a lot of them will be interested in doing their own tests,” says Tobias Bergman.

The test trucks

  • Volvo FH D13TC 500 hp 4x2 tractor with I-Shift Dual Clutch and full air suspension, including speed-dependent chassis height
  • Volvo FH D13 eSCR 500 hp 4x2 tractor with I-Shift Duel Clutch and full air suspension, including speed-dependent chassis height
  • Volvo FH D13TC 460 hp 4x2 with I-Shift
  • Volvo FHD13 eSCR 460 hp 4x2 tractor with I-Shift