Cut fuel costs with updated I-See

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The self-learning system I-See has now been enhanced with the addition of cloud-based map data, allowing it to be used in more situations, improving functionality, driveability and, most significantly, reducing fuel costs.
I-See Map Based offers drivers better coverage and functionality

Since its launch in 2012, Volvo Trucks’ I-See has been able to help drivers save fuel when driving on hills, by analysing the topography and selecting the optimal gear and speed. Now the completely self-learning system has been further enhanced with the addition of cloud-based map data.

“By storing all the map data in the cloud, the updated I-See can download just the data it needs, when it is needed,” says Johan Axelsson, Powertrain Control Systems, Volvo Trucks. “This ensures that the maps are always up to date and more accurate. It also means that data are available for smaller roads, too.”

A comparison with the previous I-See version

  • Fuel consumption reduced a further one per cent
  • Better coverage
  • Smoother driving experience
  • Automatically updated system (no need to visit a workshop)
  • Fallback solution to the old I-See, in case the road is not covered by the map, or the connection with the server should fail

Until now, I-See was best suited to long-haul drivers on main highways. However, with greater access to map data, this enables the new version to be used in more places and situations.
With the updated I-See’s improved coverage and functionality, fuel consumption can be reduced by a further one per cent. Other improvements include better integration with adaptive cruise control, which enables greater stability in gear selections.

“When you drive with the updated I-See, what will be most evident is the improved drivability,” adds Johan Axelsson. “The gear selections feel more stable and predictable and there is more rolling. And with the improved integration it is even possible to drive behind another vehicle and still be able to benefit from the system’s fuel savings.”

  1. Builds momentum
    I-See knows when a hill is ahead, so the truck accelerates and remains in a higher gear for a longer time.
  2. Avoids downshifting
    By preventing needless gear changes, I-See makes your uphill climb smoother and more fuel-efficient.
  3. Curbs speed on the crest
    When the downhill is approaching, I-See stops the truck from accelerating unnecessarily.
  4. Coasts before the downhill
    To save energy and minimise braking, I-See temporarily disengages the driveline just before a downhill slope.
  5. Controls downhill braking
    I-See knows where one slope ends and the next begins. It applies the auxiliary brakes as needed for maximum efficiency.
  6. Prepares for the next climb
    When going uphill, I-See lets the truck coast, building speed and momentum for an effortless climb.