Stay connected with digital interface Volvo Connect

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Volvo Connect, Volvo Trucks' flexible digital interface, connects critical aspects of a transport operation in one place, taking truck uptime and productivity to new heights.

Volvo Trucks has developed Volvo Connect – a flexible, long-term digital solution – to support all aspects of a transport business by connecting important functions and applications in one user-friendly platform. 

Volvo Connect can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a full range of devices and screen sizes. The intuitive interface allows users to plan routes, manage driving and resting times and monitor the locations of trucks to track their progress. It is also easy to find service schedules and check the repair and maintenance history of vehicles, helping to reduce unplanned stops and keep trucks moving. 

Subscribers can view insightful reports that analyse the key elements of their operation, such as driver performance, fuel efficiency and environmental impact. The reports also highlight where improvements can be made and provide recommendations on how to make them. The platform is also useful for dispatchers and drivers who need to stay in contact and share relevant information, such as traffic delays or faster routes.

“By combining connectivity and data analytics, we’re opening up new opportunities to support our customers. And that’s what Volvo Connect is all about.”

Crucially, the Volvo Connect interface is flexible and can easily be tailored to suit individual needs. Reports can be configured based on the parameters that are important to an individual business and information can be viewed and arranged according to personal preferences. 

The ‘Marketplace’ – where users can subscribe to a growing number of innovative services from Volvo Trucks and its partners relevant to their business – ensures Volvo Connect will constantly evolve and remain at the forefront of digital services for truck operations.  

“By combining connectivity and data analytics, we’re opening up new opportunities to support our customers. And that’s what Volvo Connect is all about,” says Karin Falk, Senior Vice President, Services & Customer Quality. 

Features & Facts

With a clean, clear view, you can easily monitor the position of your vehicles. Pop-up windows provide more detail, such as vehicle status, alerts and driver times. View real-time vehicle positions, traffic and road information, fuel levels and historical positions. 

Intelligent, easy-to-use reports, tailored  to your needs and preferences. Gathers and  analyses vehicle and driver data. Shows where fuel savings can be made to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Tracks critical safety indicators. 

Get an instant overview of the status of your entire fleet and, with one click, check the current status of each asset in real time. View tyre pressure monitoring, alerts, warnings and notifications. 

Get a quick and easy overview of planned services and repairs for your trucks. You can also add your own events for other vehicle and asset-related activities, as well as confirmed bookings from your Volvo Trucks workshop to manage vehicle availability. 

Driver activity
Simplifies planning by providing precise information and recommendations regarding driver activities. See a list of drivers, their current activity and remaining permissible driving time. Includes tachograph download, infringement and activity reports and driver time forecasts.

Workshop history
Provides a repair and maintenance history overview and details work that has been carried out on each vehicle by your Volvo Trucks workshop, helping you to reduce unplanned stops and keep trucks moving. 

Easy to get started
Volvo Connect is available free of charge. But it is how you fill it and use it that makes the difference. You subscribe to the services you want and that add value to your operation.

Role-based access
From truck owners and fleet managers to drivers, dispatchers and administrators, everyone can benefit. Users have role-based access to the functions, information and news most relevant to them.

Tailored for you
Volvo Connect is easy to tailor to individual requirements. You decide how you want to view and arrange things. Plus it can be accessed from a range of devices, making it available when and where you need it.

For mixed fleets, too
Volvo Connect also makes it possible to integrate data from external systems and utilise data from all your vehicles – regardless of make.