New XXL FH cab offers drivers a home away from home

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A larger cab, increased storage and one of the biggest beds in the business. Volvo Trucks has increased the size of its already spacious FH cab for long-haul living comfort.
Sales start in March 2019. Production starts in June for Europe and August for Australia.

Volvo Trucks’ popular FH cab has now been supersized! A new XXL version of the FH cab is designed to be a home away from home for long-haul drivers out on tough assignments. And the difference is really great: The cab is a full 600 litres larger than the already spacious FH – giving drivers much more space to stretch out. It also includes a larger bed and plenty of extra, easy-to-reach storage.

To create it, Volvo Trucks’ FH cab was re-engineered by moving the rear cab wall back 25 cm and strengthening it with extra C-pillars. The result is a much longer cab that is also strong enough to meet Volvo Trucks’ tough safety standards.

“We wanted a much bigger cab that also had the strength to withstand Volvo Trucks’ front impact tests, but without adding too much weight. The XXL cab delivers on both fronts,” says Lars Franck, Product Manager Special Vehicle Offering at Volvo Trucks.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, the XXL cab has one of the biggest beds in the business. The bed has been made 13 cm longer than the one in a regular FH and 25 cm wider – giving the driver plenty of extra headroom and space to stretch out. And the new mattress is made with S-Touch Technology, which integrates a polyether foam pillow on every spring.


“A well-rested driver is both safer and happier. That’s why we wanted to offer a really big bed that is also extremely comfortable,” says Joacim Vernersson, Chief Project Manager Special Vehicles at Volvo Group Trucks Technology.

The interior of the cab is designed to be both flexible and practical. With 50 extra litres of additional storage in each compartment under the bunk, drivers can take many more personal items with them on long trips. The lower bed can also be ordered with a reclining function for improved flexibility and comfort.

 “Many Volvo trucks drivers are out on the road for weeks at a time. For them, the XXL cab is designed to provide flexibility and world-class driver comfort,” says Joacim Vernersson.