Top 7 features for improved visibility in the Volvo FM

Busy, congested city streets can be a nightmare for truck drivers. Not only are they sharing narrower, tighter spaces with more motorists, they also have to watch for cyclists and pedestrians – some of whom can be oblivious to the truck’s movements.
Cyclists, pedestrians and motorbikes – these are just some of the other road users truck drivers must watch for when driving in cities.
Cyclists, pedestrians and motorbikes – these are just some of the other road users truck drivers must watch for when driving in cities.

This is why visibility is one of the most important criteria when choosing a truck for urban areas. Volvo Trucks designs its cabs to ensure maximum direct visibility from the driver’s seat, however it is equally important to ensure the truck is clearly visible to everyone in the vicinity. Raising awareness of truck safety through campaigns such as Stop Look Wave and See and be Seen, are also an important components.


The Volvo FM includes several features to ensure the driver can see their surroundings, and other road users can better anticipate the truck’s intended movements.


  1. Direct visibility improved by 10%. In 2020, the FM cab was redesigned with larger windows, narrower A-pillars and a lower doorline on the side windows. It is also equipped with the same side mirrors as the Volvo FH, which block a smaller area from view. All up, the direct view from the driver’s seat has increased by ten per cent compared to the previous Volvo FM.
  2. Passenger corner camera. Located at the foot of the passenger side mirror, this new camera is automatically activated by the turning indicator and projects a clear view on the driver’s display screen. It can also be activated manually when needed.
  3. Reverse camera. This is automatically activated when the reverse gear is engaged and provides a complete view behind the truck direct to the cab’s display screen.
  4. Connect up to eight cameras. In addition to the passenger corner camera and the reverse camera, up to six extra cameras can be installed in the Volvo FM. These can be installed anywhere on the truck and can be connected to the main display system without any major reworking. This enables a complete 360° around the whole vehicle. Up to four views can be displayed at any one time, and changing views is as simple as touch and swipe.
  5. Side indicator and positioning lights. The front indicators are now positioned on the side of the cab while the positioning lights alongside the vehicle are now connected to the indicators and flash when the indicator is activated. This makes it even clearer to cyclists and other road users when the vehicles is turning.
  6. Night driving mode. By dimming all interior lights, this feature reduces glare and distraction from dashboard lights reflecting on the windscreen when driving at night.
  7. Lane change support. When changing lanes towards the passenger side, at speeds of 35 kph or higher, a radar detects if the lane is empty or not. If another vehicle is detected, both audio and visual warnings are activated including a flashing light in the A pillar.

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