Driving affects the condition of a truck, its performance and a company’s bottom line. Small changes in driver behaviour can make a big difference to each of these.

Volvo’s training courses are designed to help people make these changes. They teach drivers how to save fuel, drive safely and get the most from a truck.

The courses are carefully designed to teach drivers how they can best utilise the features and services of a truck. They can also help improve industry knowledge. Provide tips on how to handle the vehicle better for increased fuel efficiently. Or drive safer and smarter, increasing productivity.

For example: simply by improving the way a driver accelerates and brakes, an immediate fuel saving of up to 10% is possible.

Our training courses spring from decades of research and experience. They're led by specialist instructors and combine theory with practical coaching. The training trucks we use are kitted out with the latest in fuel saving and safety technology. And each course can be tailored to an individual's requirements – or those of a company. In markets with mandatory further education of professional truck drivers, Volvo’s courses comply with directives.