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Be in the know with Dynafleet

Fleet management

Precision. That’s what defines Dynafleet, Volvo Trucks' fleet management system. It enables a transport company to monitor the exact location and status of individual trucks and drivers.

Dynafleet services

A range of Dynafleet services can be activated in any combination. Each is available for a fixed monthly fee, including international communication roaming.

Dynafleet hardware can either be installed at the factory, or retrofitted by a Volvo Trucks dealer. And it can be accessed by an app that gives access to fleet, fuel and driver information on a smartphone or tablet.

Fuel and Environment advice through Dynafleet

Fuel and Environment

This service saves time analysing vehicle and driver data. It shows where fuel savings can be made. And it helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Dynafleet Driver Times

Driver Times

See which driver is best suited for a new assignment. Get proactive alerts to ensure compliance with legislation. Reduce admin time by automatically downloading tachograph data.

Positioning service through Dynafleet


The service monitor data about truck position information about the driver truck speed load and the type of vehicle.

Dynafleet Vehicle Status

Vehicle Status

The service gives the vehicle manager access to warnings and alarms lamps in the vehicle’s instrument cluster. A convenient way to get in control of truck uptime.

Messaging, via Dynafleet


Messaging makes sure the office can always contact the truck. It prevents costly misunderstandings, and gives drivers the information they need to make better decisions when they’re on the road.

Dynafleet - accessible via app

Dynafleet app

The app gives instant access to fleet, fuel and driver information on smartphones or tablets. It makes fleet mangement accessible anywhere. Dynafleet users can download the app for free to their smartphone or tablet. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and use the Dynafleet login to get started.

Fuel Advice from Volvo Trucks

Fuel Advice

The Fuel Advice service provides the company with a personal coach who helps cut fuel consumption by up to 5%. On-going advice and professional guidance ensure that savings are sustainable, year on year.

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