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We know that many transport operators work hard to reduce the environmental footprint, improve drivers’ working environment and contribute to make transports quieter and cleaner. We want to support this journey with our range of electric trucks and solutions to go all-electric.

Right from the start

Going electric is an investment for the future. If you are interested in going electric, we always begin with a thorough analysis of your needs to be able to tailor a complete transport solution that fits your operation perfectly.

New opportunities

Zero tail pipe exhaust emissions and lower noise open up possibilities to pick up and deliver the goods in places where regular trucks can’t. The lower noise levels can create opportunities to perform a wide range of transports assignments during off-peak hours. It improves the utilisation of space over time in congested cities.

In everyday use

Our electric trucks are very quiet compared to traditional trucks, both when driving and standing still. The noise and vibration levels in the cab are much lower, but also when working around the truck. On top of that, the electric motor offers a very smooth and seamless power delivery. This is ideal for the stop and go driving typical for urban transport.

Our all-electric truck models

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