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A smaller footprint with gas-powered trucks

Many transport operators work hard to reduce their environmental footprint and lower the costs for fuel. They can take a closer look at our gas-powered vehicles. These trucks are available for everything from waste collection and delivery transports to long haul transport, and they operate on either CNG or LNG – produced from both natural gas and biogas depending on availability. With a potential to reduce the CO2 footprint by 20–100%*, our gas-powered trucks enable a smooth transition towards more environmentally sustainable transport.

Gas-powered trucks reduce emissions and lower fuel costs.

Our CNG & LNG trucks

For urban transports like waste collection and delivery transport, we offer the light and versatile Volvo FE CNG which offers an operating range up to 400 km on compressed natural gas or biogas. For regional haul and long haul transport, we offer the Volvo FM LNG and the Volvo FH LNG with operating range up to 1000 km on liquefied natural gas or biogas.

The gas-powered Volvo FE CNG is optimised for urban assignments.

Volvo FE CNG

The Volvo FE CNG is optimised for urban distribution transports and waste collection. It’s gas-powered and runs on CNG only (either natural gas or biogas) which reduces emissions of CO2. At the same time, it’s just as productive and efficient as the diesel-powered Volvo FE.

CNG is compressed natural gas or biogas, offering lower emissions.

What is CNG?

CNG is natural gas or biogas compressed to a high pressure and stored in tanks in the truck. Our CNG-powered trucks offer enough power, torque and range to handle demanding delivery transport and waste collection. When using compressed biogas, the CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 70%**.

LNG is natural gas or biogas that's been liquefied and offfers a huge potential as substitute for diesel fuel.

What is LNG?

LNG is natural gas or biogas that’s been liquefied by bringing it down to low temperature. When the gas liquefies, it reduces in volume that makes it possible to have enough fuel on board to drive long haul transports. Supported by the EU, the network of LNG filling stations is growing throughout Europe. This means LNG offers a huge potential as a substitute for diesel in trucks. Our LNG-powered trucks operating on fossil natural gas, reduce the CO2 emissions by 20%* compared to diesel. And when operating on biogas, the CO2 emissions are reduced by 100%*.

* This covers the emissions from the vehicle during usage, so called “tank to wheel”.

** This covers the emissions from production and usage of the fuel so called “well to wheel”.

Can trucks be powered by bio-LNG?

Can trucks be be powered by Bio-LNG?

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