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With a Volvo FH specified with lightweight components you get the lightest, most profitable truck for the job – well below 7 tonnes. What you don’t get is any compromise on safety, quality or performance.

In recent years a large number of improvements have been made to save weight on both the Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks. In some applications this has resulted in 500-600 kg better payload – and a very competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

25% extra profit

Volvo FH lightweight truck improving profitability

With a few easy lightweight specifications on for example axles, chassis, air tank and wheels it is possible to gain 200 kg in payload instantly. For a truck operating in the tank and bulk industry this could increase profit by up to a massive 25 %. Example:


  • You drive 115 000 km per year
  • Your revenue is €172 000 per year
  • Your yearly profit €5 400


200 kg in extra payload increases profit with € 1 400 per year. Yearly profit €5 400 + €1 400 = €6 800. Which equals 25% added profit per truck and year.


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