The Volvo Aero Range. Extended.

Up to 5% increase in fuel savings

The new, aerodynamically-designed extended front and Camera Monitor System, along with design features such as improved cab seals, a new sign area, and an upper side skirt extension, significantly reduce drag – leading to a reduction in fuel consumption for the Volvo FH Aero of up to 5% *.

Improve your energy efficiency even more

Designed for efficient driving at high speeds, no matter if you choose the electric, gas or diesel powertrain. On top of the new aerodynamic extended front and the Camera Monitor System, the new drag-free disc brakes, enhanced I-See and renowned I-Save can save even more energy.

Tailored to your routes with I-See

I-See optimizes speed, gear changes, coasting, and engine stops for the specific route when you’re driving with the cruise control activated. The enhanced I-See feature now also considers upcoming topography, curves, roundabouts, and real-time traffic information. 

Camera Monitor System

As well as improving aerodynamics, the Camera Monitor System also opens up the visual field in both good and challenging conditions. Night mode helps the driver in dark conditions and the surveillance mode lets the driver see outside the truck even when the curtains are drawn.

* Actual fuel economy may vary depending on many factors i.e. driving speed, use of cruise control, vehicle specification, vehicle load, actual topography, the driver´s driving experience, vehicle maintenance, and weather conditions.


Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

Plus: the all-new Volvo VNL

As well as the new Volvo Aero Range, this year in North America Volvo has also launched the all-new Volvo VNL: the truck designed to change everything.


The distinctly curved windshield and angular profile are just the start of the extensive aerodynamic and powertrain breakthroughs that can be found throughout the truck.

The Volvo Active Safety Platform, a ground-breaking powertrain solution, and driver spaces optimized for comfort and productivity mean that the all-new VNL is more of a revolution than an evolution.


And this all combines to provide up to a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency from the previous model.

Meet the truck designed to change everything