Volvo FE CNG 

Powerful and productive, with lower emissions. The Volvo FE CNG with a gas-powered engine is perfect for waste collection and delivery transports, as well as other assignments where lower noise and a reduced environmental footprint are competitive features.

Easy to operate

It looks like a regular Volvo FE, but the Volvo FE CNG comes with an engine powered exclusively by compressed natural gas or compressed biogas. It uses spark plug technology and puts out 320 hp and 1356 Nm of torque. The truck is equipped with automatic transmission. So, you can expect the same productivity and easy driving characteristics as you get from a diesel-powered Volvo FE.

Lower emissions

The combustion of natural gas or biogas is completely odourless. Plus, it emits very low levels of harmful particles. When operating on biogas, this can mean up to a 100% reduction of the tank to wheel CO2 emissions. The exhaust gases are so low on particles that no other exhaust after-treatment than a three-way catalyst is required.

Reliability and range

The engine utilises spark ignition technology, and only requires a three-way catalyst for emissions control. No SCR, EGR or Adblue. Choose between 2×4 or 2×3 gas tanks mounted on both sides of the chassis. The operating range is up to 400 km for light delivery transports and up to 250 km in waste collection.

Many cities around the world are looking for alternatives to diesel trucks. Renewable fuel is often a requirement for winning contracts - particularly when it comes to waste management. With the Volvo FE CNG, we can offer companies operating in urban environments a truck with a significantly lower environmental impact.

Got a question?

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