Perfect for urban transportation.

Volvo FL

Meeting the challenges posed by city distribution - with real efficiency. Agile, efficient and easy to drive. The smallest Volvo truck works well in a wide range of applications. It's perfect for urban transportation. But it's also available in a 4x4 version with higher ground clearance, for rougher road conditions.


City distribution
Light construction
Waste and recycling transport


Middle East/Africa

City distribution is a series of challenges. Heavy traffic. Narrow alleys. Lots of short stops. The Volvo FL is best equipped to take goods to destination - quickly and safely. This truck is developed and adapted for the city environment. It provides productivity, visibility, manoeuvrability and safety.


Gross combination weight

19–40 tonnes


D5K: 210, 240 hp
D8K: 250, 280 hp


Day cab, Comfort cab, Crew cab

See the truck in action

Top Features

Volvo FL 4x4

Need to traverse rough gravel, snow-covered streets - or off-road environments? Not to worry. Extra traction is provided by the permanent four-wheel drive. Meanwhile, the driven front axle and the rear axle are both equipped with hub reduction. The XX-High chassis is also available - designed to minimise the risk of getting stuck or damaging the truck.


No clutch pedal necessary. The automated six-gear I-Sync transmission makes inner city traffic, with its frequent stops and starts, a walk in the park. It's tailored for inner city distribution and optimised for efficiency and comfort. And it makes the your journey a safe one.

Five litres or eight?

Four or six cylinders. Five or eight litres. Volvo’s D5K or D8K diesel engines are perfect for the demands of the city. The five-litre engine is available for gross weights from 12 to 18 tonnes. It’s small and lightweight, and yet the strongest in its class. The D5K240 engine is available in a version prepared to run on pure biodiesel (B100). For additional power, opt for the six-cylinder D8K - capable of up to 280 hp.

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