The Volvo FM. Your mobile office.

The Volvo FM is the active driver’s first choice. A busy schedule demands the right tools to make life run even smoother, and this is a truck tailored for your workday.


    The Volvo FM at a glance

    Typical applications: Regional haul, long haul transport, distribution transport, construction transport


    Availability: Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America


    Engines: D11K: 330, 380, 430, 460 hp; D13K: 420, 460, 500 hp


    The Volvo FM at a glance

    GCW: Up to 44 tonnes

    Power: Up to 490 kW

    Range: Up to 300km


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    The Volvo FM at a glance

    GCW: Up to 60 tonnes


    Power: Up to 500 hp


    Typical range: Up to 1000 km


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Out of office

The Volvo FM combines excellent comfort with agility, convenience and outstanding visibility. It’s an ergonomically-designed workplace for busy drivers - whether the task at hand involves hopping in and out of the cab, negotiating busy highways or taking the time to sort your paperwork.

As flexible as you need it to be

The right power and control for the work you do, and the places you need to get to.  You’ll have the power to get things done smoothly, and we make sure that you’ll be using your power or energy in the most efficient way. Get far more out than you put in. That’s profitability. 

Versatile and powerful

Six cab sizes. Two, three or four axles. Extra low to high chassis. Powertrains with different fuel alternatives and a wide range of powertrain options. An easy-to-tailor chassis. The Volvo FM is a model that's ready to meet your requirements, and in doing so it defines flexibility.

A walk-around of the Volvo FM

Volvo FM Highlights

Setting a new standard for cabs

Being busy has never been as comfortable or as safe. The Volvo FM cab provides plenty of space and a clear view all around, lending itself perfectly to a high pace with full control.  

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Think perfect stability, total control at low speeds and reduced strain on your muscles. Volvo Dynamic Steering also helps you avoid skidding and unintentional lane changes, lets you set your steering wheel preferences and even offers remote steering control.

On top of things

The unique driver interface with the dynamic instrument display puts you in control of things whether you’re driving, loading or navigating. What information is presented and how it’s presented is entirely based on each situation and your preferences. This is evolution for drivers.


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