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We look at safety from different perspectives, inside as well as outside the truck. It's this approach that enables us to create systems that go beyond what's required by authorities. And it guides us towards our vision of zero accidents with Volvo trucks.

We envision a sustainable future where transport solutions are safer and more efficient for a positive development of society. So, when we see that every day, people are killed and seriously injured in traffic accidents, it’s not something we’re willing to accept. As long as there's a risk of accidents occurring – Volvo Trucks will continue to lead the way for safer transportation. 90 years of dedication to safety has taught us that requirements keep changing.


For us, developing safer trucks has always been about more than protection. Because naturally, the safest accident is the one that doesn’t happen. Utilising the advances in technology, we create smart safety systems that are designed to monitor the truck behaviour and surrounding traffic to predict safety hazards and intervene to prevent accidents from happening. The systems may be out of sight but they are engineered to activate, in order to support the driver in many different situations. Making the trucks as safe as possible for the driver and all other road users. Safety for everyone.


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Collision Warning with Emergency Brake

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