Three key areas Volvo Trucks Fuel advisors look into

Fuel advice coach
The Fuel Advice Service provides both a driver coach and management support. The aim is long-term and sustainable fuel savings.

Here are three areas the fuel advisors look into when meeting a new client.

  1. Driving
    A trained Fuel Advisor analyzes driver’s technique and their fuel consumption, taking into account the conditions the driver is operating under. Through this analysis the Fuel Advisor can identify which areas can be improved, and then offer practical hands-on tips on how the driver can be more efficient. The focus areas are normally idling, cruise control usage, coasting, speed and braking. Drivers receive personalized and individual reports with the aim to make them even more aware of their driving technique and what they can improve in order to save fuel.
  2. The truck
    It’s important that the truck is specified for its main operation. They should have e.g. the optimal horsepower rating, the correct rear axle ratio, and the right I-Shift software. The Fuel Advisor  suggests how to use the truck and its features in the best way. The return in investment can be quickly made through fuel savings and higher productivity.
  3. Support
    The key to successful results with Volvo Trucks Fuel Advice service is cooperation and a long-term dedication to the task. But also a commitment between the Fuel Advisor from Volvo and the Fuel Champion from the haulage firm and their drivers. The Fuel Advisor offers support in different areas:
  • Regular reports to the Fuel Champion and to the drivers with both follow up and advice, in order to improve and maintain fuel consumption. The reports can be delivered for the whole fleet and for selected groups of trucks or drivers.
  • Proposes driver training and other activities that can help customers improvement
  • Support and guidance to the Fuel Champion, how to plan the customer’s journey in being a more fuel efficient company.