Volvo trucks made to measure for maximum productivity

All Volvo truck models can be specified according to customer requirements. And these custom made trucks can maximise productivity and efficiency, regardless of the task they will be undertaking.
maximum productivity

The definition of a Volvo custom made truck is one with any kind of customer adaptation request that is not in Volvo Trucks’ standard offering. Yet what kind of customisations are most popular among customers? And which are most important to improve their productivity? As one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world, Volvo Trucks is committed to providing flexible solutions to the market. This means always trying to meet customer demands where possible.

Mikael Järnebratt is Customer Adaptation Manager at Volvo Trucks. “It´s a part of our business model to be able to investigate and adapt each order upon on our customer requests and work with selected companies to meet our customer demands. We receive the custom specifications and customer adaptation request via sales codes on our sales system and work very close with the factory to make the process as efficient as possible.”

Customisations come in all shapes and sizes, according to Tobias Bergman, Product Manager, FM & FMX Trucks. “It can be almost anything from a specific colour or a simple extra work light up to almost a unique whole truck. Whatever the request – whether it be extra axles, gearbox specifications or a chassis package – we want to make a positive difference to the customer’s bottom line.”