3 major developments within Volvo Dynamic Steering.

“Imagine you’re driving on a wet, slippery road and you suddenly notice that the rear of the truck is starting to lose its grip on the tarmac. Before this develops into a skid, you steer gently in the opposite direction until the danger is over” explains Carl Johan Almqvist, Product and Safety Director at Volvo Trucks. “One of the new safety features of Volvo Dynamic Steering – Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist – works exactly this way”, continues Carl Johan, “The big difference is that the system can predict the risk and help prevent an accident by stabilising the vehicle before you’ve even noticed that something is about to happen.”
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Today there are approximately 26,000 road fatalities in the EU annually. As a vehicle manufacturer we believe we can do a lot to contribute to reducing these numbers (safety innovations, technology and safety awareness programs…) and protect and save lives everyday. 

One solution is Volvo Dynamic Steering. The system is designed to give better directional stability, easier manoeuvring and reduce the risk of accidents. 

The system is just one of the ways Volvo Trucks is contributing to safer traffic in everyday life. It’s part of our vision that no accidents involving a Volvo truck should ever occur.


Fast Facts about Volvo Dynamic Steering:  

  • Volvo Dynamic Steering has been developed to automatically compensate for unevenness in the road surface and to eliminate vibration and kicks in the steering wheel.
  • When driving at low speed, steering wheel resistance is reduced by about 75 per cent – a major benefit when reversing and in close-quarter manoeuvring.
  • The steering wheel automatically self-centres as soon as the driver’s grip on the wheel lightens.
  • At higher speeds, the truck confidently maintains its direction even on poor surfaces and in strong side-winds.