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A growing safety concern is our use of smartphones while on the move. They divert our attention away from the road and it’s not hard to figure out why.
Phone on hand

What at first appeared to be a fairly straightforward tool for conversation has now become so much more. The mobile phone has become a big part of our digital life and now it fits in our pocket – ringing, buzzing, clicking and vibrating us into action. And therein lies, at least a part of the problem. Despite countless awareness campaigns and safety legislation in many countries, on any given day too many drivers are still using their mobile phones while driving. To prevent fatalities and increase safety for everyone, here are some tips for responsible smartphone use for drivers. 

Driving mode

Many phones now come with a driving mode. Major functions like texting are switched off and only basic functions work. If your phone doesn’t have this, then there are plenty of apps that can be downloaded which do the same thing.

Connectivity & hands-free

If you need to make and receive calls while driving, connect to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system prior to starting your journey. Connecting systems can require patience and can be very distracting if done while driving.


It takes a few minutes to get everything done before you set off. Enter your destination in the navigation system, queue albums or start audiobooks before you begin your journey. Do this and you’ll keep both hands on the steering wheel while driving, to minimize distractions.

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