See and be seen

Safety in all that we do

Every year, road accidents destroy many lives. Too many of these accidents involve trucks and buses. 


Safety has been Volvo Trucks’ priority ever since we began. We have a clear safety vision; no Volvo truck should be involved in a traffic accident. This is why, in addition to developing many innovative safety features for our products, we also work on all other aspects of safety.


We want to make a positive difference to the statistics.

It’s vital to See and be seen

Our ‘See and be seen’ initiative focuses on awareness in traffic. Most accidents are due to human factors such as lack of attention, poor understanding and misjudgement.


‘See and be seen’ features activities that demonstrate how to improve safety in the interaction between cyclists and truck drivers.

Instructors training video

This video will walk you through all the elements needed to conduct a ‘See and be seen’ training and what materials you will need. The training is easy to conduct and you do not have to do a full-blown training to have an impact.

Download the education kit

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